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Dallas County Community College District (Veterans Services)

Dallas County Community College District is a network of seven independent 2 year community colleges. College is within your reach — whether it’s to further your education, convert your military experience into college credit, finish an uncompleted degree or retrain for a new civilian career. We want to help you receive the full value of your educational benefits





Brookhaven College
Jon Tarell or
(972) 860-4673
Office: Building S, Room S136

Cedar Valley College
Ann McCowin
(972) 860-8036
Office: Building L (Student Services), Room L117

Eastfield College
(972) 860-7340
Office: Building C, Room C-112

El Centro College
Jamie Gregory
(214) 860-2100
Office: A020

Mountain View College 
Aneesa Roundtree
Ismael Aleman
Office: Building S, Room S-1080

North Lake College
Billy Yost
Horace Ragler
Maribel Cruz
Veterans Affairs
(972) 273-3169
Office: Building A, Room A-430

Richland College 
Kim Archer or
(972) 238-3778
Office: El Paso Hallway, Room E 083

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North Lake Campus

5001 North MacArthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75038 


(972) 273-3169