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6 Steps to Updating Your Digital Resume

Want Your LinkedIn Profile to Bring You Job Leads?

Make it easy for hiring managers to find you by learning how to update your LinkedIn profile!

These days having a strong online resume, is as important as having a written one. One of the most effective ways to establish your online presence as a tool for networking and job seeking is through LinkedIn. Updating your LinkedIn profile with the key qualifications that hiring managers are looking for will make it easier for them to find and connect with you.  

How to update your LinkedIn profile & strengthen your job search

Follow these 6 steps to move to the top of the list!

Professional Headshot

A professional-looking headshot is important because it conveys a sense of trust and connection with the viewer. Use a pictures that will let people to recognize you in person if they see you at a conference or trade show. Make sure that you are the only person in the photo and avoid looking too casual. Employers who see this page are forming a first impression of you, and you want to look like the accomplished professional that you are.

Engaging Headline

Make the most of your headline by describing what you do and who you serve. Give more than just your job title. This should be a mini-elevator pitch of your skills, passions, and goals. On LinkedIn, your picture, name and professional headline will be seen the most often. You want a compelling and unique headline to make you stand out from every other user on the site.

Your LinkedIn headline should say what you do!

Add Keywords to Summary

This is the section where the LinkedIn algorithm searches for keywords. Research listings for the type of jobs you are interested in and find out what skills employers in your field are looking for. Emphasize this same language in your headline and summary. This will help optimize your profile. Much like you would in a written resume, quantify with percentages and numbers that show recruiters exactly what you’ve accomplished. Be sure to include awards or anything else that makes you stand out.

Update Your Current Job Responsibilities

Whether you have recently switched jobs or just taken on new tasks in your current job, it is important to make sure your current position is up-to-date with your title, location, and responsibilities. Current position is one of the first things employers will look at on your profile.

Ask for Recommendations

Other service members, former colleagues, and clients can all write recommendations for your work. Employers scrolling through your profile will see that you have already proven to be dedicated worker who people want to endorse publicly. Take a few minutes to ask previous supervisors or coworkers if they would be willing to write you a rec. When reaching out, make sure to keep the request personal and include why you think you this person would be the right individual to write it for you.

Expand your network

Reach out to contacts you’ve made and solidify those relationships. LinkedIn provides a great way to stay in touch with casual work connections and a ready made platform of how to reach out professionally. Connect with current clients, or coworkers. Join groups that are focused on veterans or veteran mentoring to connect with others in your field or occupation. These groups can also help provide further job-specific advice as you search for jobs after your service.

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