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Job Search Tricks for Veterans

Fort Worth Veteran Job Search Tricks & Resources - VetCo

Job Search Tricks & Resources for Veterans

Job hunting is no fun and it can be particularly challenging for veterans transitioning back to civilian life. Whether you need assistance creating a resume or cover letter, practicing your interview skills or training for a new type of job, here are a few tips to give you a head-start when updating your resume and plenty of local Fort Worth resources to help out where needed.

Be Specific. Set an Objective

It is difficult to effectively market yourself for a civilian job without a clearly defined goal. Because so many service people have diverse backgrounds, they often create resumes and CV’s  that are too general to be effective. Before writing your resume, do some soul searching, research occupations and pinpoint a specific career path. Your resume should be specifically targeted to each position.

Assume No Knowledge of the Military

Demilitarize your job titles, duties, accomplishments, training and awards to appeal to civilian hiring managers. Employers with no exposure to the military won’t understand military specific terminology and acronyms, so translate these into civilian terms.

“One of the biggest problems veterans face is translating military jargon to corporate-speak.” ~ Military to Civilian Occupation Translator

Highlight Your Achievements

In an interview, your military experience is able to separate you for other candidates. Having served in the armed forces has already taught you highly valuable critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. By pairing your military experience with these skills, you validate your claims, something that many civilian applicants will struggle to do. Focus on terms like: Leadership Skills, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Applied Teamwork Skills, Demonstrated Dedication.

Test-Drive Your Resume

Developing a resume that works well in the civilian world is usually an ongoing process. Create the resume on LinkedIn which allows for updates.  Remember, over 80% of employment recruiters search for applicants on this site. You’ll want to edit your resume based on the job you are applying for, but also solicit feedback from many sources. Ask friends and colleagues and listen carefully to suggestions for improving your resume. Continue modifying the document until it successfully generates job interviews.

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