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Hi, my name is Selena Ward, Sr Loan Officer and VA Home Loan Specialist for Benchmark Mortgage. We are a for-profit company and member of VETCO. How is our business model different than non-profit companies? Well, not much when you get down to it. We are primarily focused on relationships and service. We work directly with the individual veteran and the VA to verify their eligibility when using their VA Benefits to purchase a home.

How is Benchmark Mortgage different than many larger mortgage companies?

That’s a great question. Many companies mention that they offer VA Loans, but that doesn’t mean they are experienced in them. That’s an important detail when I have a soldier on the ground overseas and a spouse here locally trying to close the transaction by Power of Attorney. Of course, that’s just one of many examples of why experience matters. There are many details involved. Working with the VA directly can have its challenges too, especially if you don’t know how to navigate their system. This is where experience matters most! Simply put, we don’t just market VA Loans, we DO VA Loans. It’s a real hand-held, thought-out, relationship and process.

Lastly, understanding the current real estate market is important.

Online companies aren’t usually locally based and larger banks aren’t dependent on relationships to grow their business. They often use VA marketing gimmicks as a source of generating leads, not necessarily requiring them to be good at what they do because they have plenty of other leads to work if the ones they are working fall apart. I am a local lender and work specifically with licensed Realtors in our marketplace. Reputation is what grows my business. Since it a seller’s market, buyers need help getting their offers accepted. Many professionals under value the qualifications of a VA borrower because they’re not required to have a down payment. Asking for a seller to pay any borrower’s closing costs usually puts an offer on the bottom of the pile. Therefore, closing expenses the Veterans are not allowed to pay, should not be assumed as a seller’s expense. This is a common mistake made by other lenders and creates inadequate expectations and frustrations. My service includes the lender paying these expenses for ours veterans so they have an equal opportunity to negotiate in the market place. It is with much respect that we serve our military and their families. We are Benchmark Mortgage. We bring you home!

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