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Recovery Resource Council A Leading Provider To Women Veterans & Families of Veterans

Counseling & Support for Women Veterans and their Families

Recovery Resource Council provides unique counseling programs, Enduring Women for women veterans, and Enduring Families for the veteran and their family. As of March of 2015, these programs have served 193 veterans and family members.  The clients with 12 sessions of counseling have had a 47% reduction in depression scores and 51% reduction in anxiety scores from their baseline data.  These counseling programs are evidence-based therapy through 2 full time counselors, an intake coordinator and peer navigator, and 3 part-time counselors. The team is compromised of veterans or family members of a veteran who bring that first-hand knowledge of the military culture and effects of war on the veterans and families.  Tempa Sherrill and Lindsey Gribbin are the full time counselors for Enduring Women and Enduring Families.

 Tempa: “When you started these counseling programs Enduring Women and Enduring Families please explain the motivation and commitment to successfully build counseling services for veterans and their families in Fort Worth and North Texas?”

“When my husband came home from Afghanistan he was a different man.  We had three children and extremely difficult on our family.  Finally after 6 months he decided to get help.  This began another arduous process: VA only offering meds for his PTSD; and community counselors were not equipped with the necessary training to help a family dealing with PTSD. He did receive individual counseling but we struggled to find appropriate help for our family.  Through this difficult journey, I went back to school with the passion to help veterans and their family members in counseling. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor.”

Lindsey: “You joined the team in 2012 with the growth of these counseling programs.   What has been your experience as a veteran and need for this type of counseling services?”

“I am United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran and have a passion for helping other veterans after losing three friends to suicide whom I served with in Iraq. I share a similar experience in attempting to find counseling for myself, and realized that there is a huge need not just for the veteran but also the family members.  Truly is amazing to be on this team at Recovery Resource Council to make a difference for veterans and their families. I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and serve as the peer navigator.”

Tempa and Lindsey: “Would you please explain further the counseling programs, and eligibility for these services?”

Recovery Resource Council offers FREE and confidential counseling services. Enduring Women provides counseling and peer navigation (one on one support) to women veterans experiencing various issues as PTSD, depression, anxiety, military sexual trauma, reintegration issues, substance abuse, or parenting difficulties. Enduring Families is counseling services for the veteran, and his or her family members. A variety of counseling services will be combined to meet the particular needs of the family including individual, couples, family therapy, or parenting difficulties. All veterans may access counseling services through Recovery Resource Council. For further information or to enroll, please call Lindsey Gribbin at 817-332-6329 ext. 258.

“Thanks, Tempa and Lindsey for your time! These are great counseling programs.  We appreciate you serving the veterans and their families.”

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