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Weatherford College (Veterans Center)


Assist Veterans in developing their educational opportunities (including opportunities for professional certification, licensure, or credentials), coordinating activities with and assisting state and local agencies administering Veterans’ education benefits.

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Austin College (Veterans Services)

Austin College is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Austin College. The Office of the Registrar in Caruth Administration Building Room 123 will provide assistance with veterans services.

Contact: Veterans Services, Office of the Registrar, (903) 813-2373 or

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Cisco College (Veteran Student Services)

Cisco College is a 2 year community college. Our Veteran Student Services will assist with applying for educational benefits, and enrollment into courses.

Contact: Barbara Pitman, School Certifying Official, (325) 794-4465

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Collin College (Veterans Service Office)

Collin College is a 2 year community college.  The Veterans Services Office connects students with resources designed to ensure a smooth transition into college and foster academic success.  We help connect students to resources both at school and in the community. The office is on the Spring Creek Campus is Room D-154.

Contact: Veterans Service Office, (972) 881-5774 or

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Dallas Baptist University (Veteran Student Admission)

Dallas Baptist University is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The Veteran Student Admisssion assists veterans and active service men and women from every branch. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Dallas Baptist University. There are special programs in place for these heroes who risk their lives to protect our freedoms, including designated counselors who understand the unique needs of military personnel and will ensure that you receive your full benefits.

Contact: Financial Aid, (214) 333‑5363 or

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Dallas County Community College District (Veterans Services)

Dallas County Community College District is a network of seven independent 2 year community colleges. College is within your reach — whether it’s to further your education, convert your military experience into college credit, finish an uncompleted degree or retrain for a new civilian career. We want to help you receive the full value of your educational benefits:

Brookhaven College
Jon Tarell or
(972) 860-4673
Office: Building S, Room S136

Cedar Valley College
Ann McCowin
(972) 860-8036
Office: Building L (Student Services), Room L117

Eastfield College
(972) 860-7340
Office: Building C, Room C-112

El Centro College
Jamie Gregory
(214) 860-2100
Office: A020

Mountain View College
Aneesa Roundtree
Ismael Aleman
Office: Building S, Room S-1080

North Lake College
Billy Yost
Horace Ragler
Maribel Cruz
Veterans Affairs
(972) 273-3169
Office: Building A, Room A-430

Richland College
Kim Archer or
(972) 238-3778
Office: El Paso Hallway, Room E 083

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Easter Seals North Texas

Easter Seals North Texas Employment Services assists job seekers with disabilities in searching, finding and maintaining meaningful employment. Through exceptional relationships with local employers and by providing focused, personal support and long-term follow-up for the employees. We help veterans with disabilities become successful members of the working world.

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Fort Worth Resource Connection

The Resource Connection is a 268 acre campus of health, education, employment and human service agencies located in a one-stop environment, formed to share resources and solve problems together. The campus, formerly the Fort Worth State School, located north of Interstate 20 off Campus Drive near the south campus of Tarrant County College, co-locates a wide variety of agencies and services in a campus environment, and is accessible by public transportation.

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Grayson College (Veterans Services)

Grayson College is a 2 year community college. Our vision is to not only be a base for education benefits, but be a welcome haven for Grayson College warriors and dependents to be amongst one another. Our two offices, the Veterans Services Office and the Veteran’s Hub, have a unique and powerful relationship to facilitate your transition so you can achieve your educational goals.

Contact: Craig R. Greenwood, Veterans Services Coordinator, (903) 415-2614 or; Marina Reese, Veterans Benefits Advisor, (903) 463-8692

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Hill College (Student Veteran Services)

Hill College is a 2 year community college. Our Student Veteran Services are committed to assisting those who have so diligently give their time and in some cases their lives for the freedoms we enjoy everyday. Our staff is dedicated to helping you reach your educational goals.

Contact: Cindy Clay, Enrollment Specialist III-Special Populations-Veterans & International Students, (254) 659-7606 or

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Lone Star Military Resource Group

Lone Star Military Farmers was developed to provide educational, financial, therapeutic, and healthy living opportunities to military members and their families both past and present.

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Midwestern State University (Veterans Affairs)

Midwestern State University is 4 year university and Graduate School. Our Veterans Affairs will assist with applying for educational benefits, and enrollment into courses.

Contact: Office of the Registrar, Veterans Affairs, (940) 397-4305 or

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Navarro College (Office of Financial Aid)

Navarro College is a 2 year community college. Our start began with classes in September 1946, when most members of the first student body were returning veterans from World War II. We continue to proudly serve veteran students to this day. Navarro College is committed to helping you succeed as you transition from military to college life.

Contact: Eileen Sahlstedt, Veterans Representative, (903) 875-7347 or

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New Horizons Computer Learning (Fort Worth)

New Horizons Computer Learning, is committed to providing a career readiness service to all students. There are opportunities for veterans through our grants to receive financial assistance for training programs. In addition, our services include career placement services, resume building, interview skills and LinkedIn development.

Contact: John Matczynski Jr., (817) 737-8997 or

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North Central Texas College (Office of Financial Aid )

North Central Texas College is a 2 year community college. The Office of Financial Aid at North Central Texas College is here to remove financial barriers, provide students with information to secure the necessary financial resources to meet their educational goals, and access to higher education.

Contact: Office of Financial Aid, (940) 668-4242 or

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Northwood University (Military Veterans)

Northwood University is 4 year university and Graduate School. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Northwood University. Our admissions and enrollment processes are designed to be straightforward and trouble-free. Your military training and life experience put you in a great position to start pursuing an education today.

Contact: Diana Garcia, Certifying Official, (817) 737-6443 or

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Paralyzed Veterans of America – Lone Star Chapter

A non profit dedicated to helping veterans with spinal cord injuries. Your support helps disabled veterans with benefits, medical services, and rehabilitation they need so they can lead a full life. Lone Star Chapter was formed in 1989.

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Paris Junior College (Office of Student Financial Aid)

Paris Junior College is a 2 year community college. Veteran Affairs are administered through the Office of Student Financial Aid located in the Alford Center. Please contact for further assistance.

Contact: Jennifer Smith Moloney, Veterans Specialist, (903) 782-0371 or

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Parker University (Tuition and Financial Aid Office)

Parker University offers Associate, Bachelor, and Graduate Degree Programs. Our Tuition and Financial Aid Office will assist with applying for educational benefits, and enrollment into courses. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Parker University.

Contact: Tuition and Financial Aid Office, (214) 902-2429 or

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Paul Quinn College (Office of Financial Aid)

Paul Quinn College is a 4 year university. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Paul Quinn College. The Office of Financial Aid will assist with applying for educational benefits, and enrollment into courses.

Contact: Mildred Martinez, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Certifying Official,  (214) 379-5497 or

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Project INVEST

Project INVEST (INjured Veterans Entering Sport Training) was established in 2012 and has served injured, ill and wounded military by offering adaptive sports and activities at various venues and locations through North Texas. We serve disabled military, both active duty and veterans, with a permanent physical/psychological conditions such as amputations, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, visual impairments, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Ranger College (Registrar Office)

Ranger College is a 2 year Community College. Veterans bring or mail one copy of your Certificate of Eligibility and a copy of your DD214 to Roseatta Stephens, VA Certifying Official, Ranger College, 1100 College Circle, Ranger, TX 76470. The VA Certifying Official is at the Registrar Office in the Academic Building, Room 5.

Contact: Roseatta Stephens 254-647-3234 ext. 215 or email

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Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University is a 4 year and Graduate School. The Veterans website contains information from applying to the University through graduation. The university is proud to have many undergraduate and graduate students who served or are serving in our country’s armed forces. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Southern Methodist University.

Contact: Meghan Budig, Manager of Certifications, Visiting Students, and Special Projects, University Registrar’s Office, (214) 768-4348 or

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Tarleton State University (Office of Veterans Affairs)

Tarleton State University is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The Office of Veterans Affairs (VA) assists all students using federal education benefits in the pursuit of a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. Our goal is to a smooth and seamless transition to all our VA students transferring from other institutions, while providing excellent customer service. The office is in Tarleton Center, Room 126.

Contact: Stephanie Kittelson, Coordinator – Military Veterans Service Center, (254) 968-1805 or

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Tarrant County College (Veteran Service Centers)

Tarrant County College is a 2 year community college. A Veteran Service Center is available on each campus with a Veterans Counselor representing Tarrant County College; and VetSuccess Counselor from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These are the available services to veterans:

Individual and group educational and vocational guidance services

Short-term personal counseling

Counseling for social, emotional, and developmental issues

Referrals to local, state, and federal Veterans Affairs (VA) agencies and resources

Wellness and/or student success seminars

Northeast Campus
Chris Hunt, M. Div, M.A. LPC, USAF Desert Storm Veteran
Office: NSTU 2827
(817) 515-6493

Northwest Campus
Anna Hinman, LPC
Office: WCTS 1124E
(817) 515-7908

South Campus
Valerie Groll, M.A., NCC, LPC
Lashanda Hernandez, Administrative Office Assistant
Office: SFOC 1341B
(817) 515-4894

Southeast Campus
Christina McDonald, M.S., LPC-S
Vincent Smith, Veterans Specialist (available on Fridays)
Office: ESEC 2116A
(817) 515-3381

Trinity River Campus
Kevin D. Curry III, Med, LPC, BPC
Juan Revilla, Veterans Advisor
Office: TRTR 1401B
(817) 515-1273

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Tarrant County College (VetSuccess)

VetSuccess is a partnership between Tarrant County College (TCC) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This collaborative effort is to help veterans make a smooth transition to college life, and experience academic and vocational success. The VetSuccess Couselors will help with accessing, understanding, and applying for VA Benefits.

VetSuccess Counselors from the VA cover all 5 TCC Campuses:

William “Bill” Cobb, MA, CRC
817-515-6319 or

Northeast Campus: Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Northwest Campus: Wednesday and Thursday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Doug Smith, CRVC
682-206-5640 or

South Campus: Thursday and Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Southeast Campus: Monday and Tuesday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Trinity River Campus: Wednesday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

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Texas A & M Commerce (Veterans and Military Services)

Texas A&M University-Commerce is a 4 year university and Graduate School. We appreciate your service and sacrifice, and are committed to your successful transition from military to civilian life. This commitment includes helping you build on your strengths so you can achieve the well-respected bachelor’s or graduate degree you deserve. For veterans services, visit Student Access and Success Center, Room 123.

Contact: Dustin Pearson, (903) 886-5123 or

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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Free Workshop for Veterans interested in starting a farm or ranch.

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Texas A&M Law School Fort Worth (Veterans Benefits)

The Texas A&M University School of Law Fort Worth is a Graduate School. Texas A&M University has a distinguished history of providing educational services to individuals preparing to enter our Armed Forces, those currently serving and personnel transitioning to civilian life. At the Texas A&M University School of Law, you can keep your options open by pursuing a broad education to serve a wide variety of clients in various capacities and in countless industries. Veterans and their dependents may be eligible for both federal and state tuition benefits.

Contact: Doug Akins, Scholarships & Financial Aid Administrator, Room 244, (817) 212-4090 or

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Texas Christian University (Soul Repair Center-Moral Injury)

The Soul Repair Center at Brite Divinity School, established in 2012 offers public education and conducts research on moral injury and recovery in military veterans, as well as other professions that involve high stakes situations. The Center educates religious and non-profit communities, employers, educators, religious leaders, chaplains, seminarians, and medical care-givers—about the ways we can enable a return to ordinary life of those who experience moral injury.

Contact: Elia Whitworth, (817) 257-4511 or

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Texas Christian University (Veterans Services)

Texas Christian University is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Texas Christian University. Veterans Services provides assistance to military and veteran students in navigating admission, enrollment and financial aid processes. Our staff will coordinate academic advising, tutoring, counseling, disability services, benefits information, financial aid, and additionally referrals to state and federal resources. The office is in Jarvis Hall 219.

Contact: April Brown, Director, (817) 257-5557, or

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Texas State Technical College (North Texas Campus-Veteran Services)

Texas State Technical College (TSTC), North Texas Campus, is a 2 year community college. This is a statewide technical-vocational college. Our goal is to make your transition from military to student life a seamless one. We take pride in providing the best career training for our veterans, and strongly advocate for getting hired after graduation.

Contact: TSTC North Texas Veteran Services (903) 923-3228; or Steve Guevara (956) 364-4387

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Texas Wesleyan University (Office of Financial Aid)

Texas Wesleyan University is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as Texas Wesleyan. This supplements the tuition benefits of the Post 9/11. When you graduate, you’ll be recognized for your service with honor cords and a service pin.

Contact: Kadedra Miller, Veterans Counselor, Office of Financial Aid, 817-531-4420 or

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Texas Woman’s University (Project INVEST-Adapted Sports)

Project INVEST is for served injured, ill and wounded military by offering adaptive sports and activities at various venues and locations throughout North Texas. This program was created with help from the US Paralympics and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Olympic Opportunity Grant. Our mission is to serve those who have served by building strength through sport and confidence through competition. Here are the available activities:

Wheelchair basketball
Indoor wheelchair soccer
Wheelchair tennis
Sit volleyball
Rock climbing
Water volleyball
Goal ball
Kayak soccer
Fitness activities

Contact: Dr. Ron Davis, Pioneer Hall 208A, (940) 898-2589 or

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Texas Woman’s University (Veteran and Military Student Center)

Texas Woman’s University is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The Veteran and Military Student Center proudly serves those who have served. Special services include: academic credit for applicable military experience, early course registration, help with Hazelwood and GI benefits, smaller classes, study workshops, Student Veterans Association and veteran cords at commencement. This is in Jones Hall 106 and 107.

Contact: Brittanie Romine, Veteran Student Services Assistant Director of Veteran & Non-Traditional Student Services, (940) 898-2789 or; Alex Alvarado, Veteran Education Benefits Certifying Official, (940) 898-3069 or

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Trinity Valley Community College (Veterans Financial Aid)

Trinity Valley Community College is 2 year community college. Our Veterans Financial Aid Staff will assist with educational benefits.

Contact: James Robertson, Veterans Financial Aid Specialist, (903) 675-6228 or

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TRiO Educational Talent Search

TRIO is a set of federally-funded college opportunity programs that motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree. TRIO programs provide academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring, financial guidance, and other supports necessary for educational access and retention. Carlisle Hall

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TRiO Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) program provides support services to low-income students, first generation college students, and disabled students enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Eligible students may receive (among other services) personal and academic career counseling, career guidance, instruction, mentoring, and tutoring. The goal of SSS program is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants and help students make the transition from one level of higher education to the next.

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Tyler Junior College (Veterans Affairs)

Tyler Junior College is a 2 year community college. Our Veterans Affairs staff is to ready and willing to help with the transition to college and ultimately a career. Tyler Junior College is a designated Military Friendly College® and Purple Heart College, with programs in place to guide military veterans through academics and into a fulfilling career. We are honored to have you consider our college. Please visit the Veterans Affairs Office in Rogers Student Center Room 308.

Contact: Mike Collins, Veterans Coordinator, (903) 510-3750 or

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University of Dallas (Military and Veterans Information)

The University of Dallas is a 4 year school and Graduate School. The Yellow Ribbon Program allows a veteran to cover the cost of a private education as the University of Dallas. Our Military and Veterans Information is dedicated to assisting veterans in their pursuit of higher education. We appreciate the sacrifice you have made for our country; and are committed to providing you with a high quality, liberal arts education.

Contact: Jeff Taylor, (972) 721-5385 or

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University of Texas Health Northeast at Tyler (Registrar Office)

University of Texas Health Northeast at Tyler is a Graduate School. We are part of the renowned University of Texas System, who is at the forefront of advancing healthcare. UT Health Northeast is a family of dedicated physicians, nurses, researchers, educators, administrators, and staff committed to finding solutions that improve quality of life. The Registrar Office will assist veterans with education benefits.

Contact: Registrar Office, (713) 500-3361 or

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UNT (Student Veteran Services)

University of North Texas (UNT) is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The staff in Sage Hall hopes to create a seamless transition from military life to civilian college life. Our goal is to provide student veterans and dependents connections to resources both on and off campus. We provide the following assistance:

VA Education Benefits

Enrollment Support

Graduate Support

Contact: James Davenport, or (940) 369-8021

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UNT Dallas (Veterans Success Center)

University of North Texas Dallas is a 4 year university and Graduate. The Veterans Success Center provides support to student veterans and their dependents from completing the admission and enrollment process, degree plan selection, course registration, and utilization of their V.A. benefits. Additionally, help student veterans become involved in student activities and clubs, access campus resources, access community resources, and ultimately transition into the civilian work force. The Veterans Success Center is in Founders Hall 208.

Contact: Hebert Hays, Coordinator, Veterans Success Center, (972) 338-786 or

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UNT Health Science Center (Registrar Office)

University of North Texas Health Science Center is a Graduate School. Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life for the people of Texas and beyond through excellence in education, research, clinical care and community engagement to provide national leadership in primary care. The university continues to receive recognition for five consecutive years as a Veteran Friendly Campus. Our Registrar Office will assist veterans to process education benefits while pursuing their medical career.

Contact: Registrar Office, (817) 735-2483 or (817) 735-7652, or

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UT Arlington Education Opportunity Center

The Educational Opportunity Center helps you plan the education and training you need to move up in life. We show you how to navigate the admissions and financial aid process so you can enroll in the college, university, or vocational school of your choice.

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UT Arlington Movin’ Mavs Adapted Sports

The Movin’ Mavs Adapted Sports and Recreation Program and Paralympic Sport promotes participation in sports, recreation and healthy lifestyle activities as a transition tool for veterans with physical disabilities to integrate back into their community. Programs, equipment, training and coaching are provided for veterans who are interested in competitive or recreational sports opportunities.

Contact: Doug Garner, (817) 272-3410 or

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UT Arlington Student Veteran Project

Student Veteran Project (SVP) is an intervention study testing effective models of supported education services for veterans pursuing higher education. The program provides free services to the veterans who are undergraduates or deciding on a return to college. SVP assists veterans who participate in the research program to learn skills and access services to meet their educational goals. These services include the following:

Counseling (individual, group, couples and family) to understand the transition to the student role and its effects on the veteran’s family
Cognitive testing
Locating resources to assist veterans and their families
Assisting with veteran and family members to identify the options for college

Contact: Dr. Alexa Smith-Osborne, (817) 272-2165 or

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UT Arlington Veterans Upward Bound

The Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) program at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is an intensive educational and skills program designed specifically to serve the needs of today’s veterans. A unique range of services are offered which are designed to prepare eligible veterans for success when they enter their chosen educational program, whether that is at a university, community college, or technical school. All services, including basic skills instruction, tutoring, college application assistance, advising, exposure/resources, counseling, and more, are provided FREE for qualifying veterans.

Contact: Pete Fitch, Coordinator of Veterans Upward Bound, (817) 272-9882 or

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UT Dallas (Center for BrainHealth)

The Center for BrainHealth mission is to understand, protect and heal the brain. Our Warrior Training Program educates veterans on keeping the brain healthy and strong against the stresses and challenges of everyday life. Scientific study by cognitive neuroscientists and research clinicians have shown this training to improve strategic thinking, elevate mental energy, and enhance attention and focus.

Contact: Lindsay Campbell, Project Coordinator for Warrior Initiatives, (972) 883-3418 or

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UT Dallas (Military and Veteran Center)

University of Texas at Dallas is a 4 year university and Graduate School. The Military and Veteran Center provides multifaceted support for veteran and military-affiliated students, from admission through graduation. There is a peer support program that connects new student vets with current student vets. These are our goals:

Foster community among students during their transition to campus and civilian life.
Honor contributions of military service members and recognize their academic achievement.
Connect students to the resources, services and programs.
Inform/educate the campus and area community about the military via programs, services and events.

Contact: Lisa Adams, Director of the Military and Veteran Center, Location-Student Services Addition 14.250, (972) 883-4914 or

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UT Southwestern Medical Center (Veterans Education Benefits)

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is Graduate School. We are committed to excellence, dedication to discovery, and service to the community. Our goal is an academic medical center second to none. Veterans Education Benefits are available to eligible full- or part-time University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center students or employees who are active-duty or reserve military personnel, veterans, or in some cases, the child or spouse of a veteran.

Contact: Tim Williamson, Associate Registrar and VA Certifying Official, (214) 648-3606 or

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UT Tyler (Veterans Resource Center)

The University of Texas at Tyler is a 4 year university and Graduate School. Our Veterans Resource Center staff is dedicated to helping you achieve success in pursuit of your academic, career and personal goals. If you need a cup of coffee, a study guide, a place to study or a place to network, this is the location in The University Center 2140.

Contact: Chris Cox, Coordinator of Veteran Affairs, (903) 565-5972 or

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Vernon College (Veterans Services)

Vernon College is a 2 year community college. Our goal with Veterans Services is to provide the tools and information you need to make informed decisions regarding potential benefits. We honor the service and sacrifices made by our veterans and their families.

Contact: Debbie Alexander, Veteran Services Coordinator (Wichita Falls Campus), (940) 696-8752 ext 3203 or

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Weatherford College (Veterans Center)

Weatherford College (WC) is a 2 year community college. There is a Veterans Center in the Student Services Building. Currently, WC, working with the Veterans Administration, a Parker County Veterans Officer and other organizations, assists veterans in a number of ways including:

Processing of education benefits
Allowing all veterans to register for classes during Early Bird Registration
Evaluation of Joint Services Transcripts and credit applied to WC transcripts
Assistance with updating DD-214 forms
Textbook donations while waiting on book allowance money from the VA

Contact Information: Ralph Willingham, Director of Admissions, 817-598-6243 or

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